Grimlock Fall of Cybertron with Iron Factory EX-01 Upgrade

Today with have the Fall of Cybertron version of the mighty (and not to bright) Grimlock. Toys from the Fall of Cyberton subset of the Generations line follow the aesthetics of the 2010/2012 War for Cyberton/Fall of Cyberton Games.

Grimlock is a voyager class figure which has an light up effect in his dino mode head. Weaponwise he has a transparent red large sword and shield (though not as large as his in-game appearance)


As a dinobot Grimlock transforms into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. His T-Rex form is more modern than his G1 incarnation i.e. tail off the ground and not in an upright (tri-pod) posture. With the WFC/FOC style red running throughout. Fairly standard articulation in bot mode, ball jointed head with 360 shoulders, 17 clicks on the hips but not much outward movement, only 2 clicks on the knees, swivels on the elbows and thighs. All in all a good toy representation of re-imagined grimlock. He does have rather one glaring issues which makes his dino mode a poorer (in my view anyway) transformation than the original G1 Version

A massive gap in his alt mode chest (in the G1 version this is what the “wings” cover) and yes it is visible when posed or on a shelf. Its not the end of the world but it does detract from an otherwise nice figure. The legs lock in in dino mode so don’t expect much articulation and poseability though the knee to have some movement.


But their is a fix for this. The company Iron Works but out a kit with comprises of a belly piece and a G1 style Grimlock blaster. The IF EX-01 Dinoarmor & RIfle. So lets have a look and attach it.



Yay, no longer a massive gap when looking head on at him. It can also been seen from the sides and so bulks out the dino mode a bit. The piece slots in and seems to hold firmly. However if yours is loose and as it does not effect transformation you can super glue it in.


The Dinoarmor can remain on the toy during transformation as it splits down the middle to become like the original G1’s wings. The rifle also splits in two which can be attached to the screw holes on the dino modes legs.


The wings can be orientated in a variety of ways, up, down and can also be rotated on a joint at the mid point which compacts them further



So there you have it a nice FOC toy with one glaring omission in dino mode which has been fixed by a 3rd party company. Sadly there are no other FOC dino’s in Hasbro or Takara’s range so its just gimlock.

This mold was retooled by Takara into Adventure Battle Grimlock TAV30 with one major design change to the legs in dino mode which no longer lock in place.



If your looking for something similar in the style of FOC but a bit bigger and complex you can try the 3rd party company Planet X who have the full range of FOC inspired dinobots.