Air Raid Deluxe, Combiner Wars Wave 2

Today we take a look at Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Air Raid. So lets start with the problem of getting this figure in the UK. Now Hasbro in there invite wisdom decided to switch out the last member of the Aerialbots in Wave one for decepticon dragstrip and instead put him in Wave 2 with the other 4 Stunticons. Now the big problem with that in the UK and the rest of Europe is that Wave 2 has not be released in the UK and we are not upto wave 5. Thanks Hasbro. So the only way to get Air Raid and the 4 stunticons is to import them yourselves or a specialised retailer such as Kapow, Masterforce or TFS-Express. So from Amazon USA via air mail is Air Raid (with added reprolabels) with his G1 Self.


The jet mode certainly takes it inspiration from the G1 but is sightly different, the original been an F-15 and the Combiner wars version an F-14. The wings on the combiner wars version are movable but moving them forwards gives a rather ugly gap in the wings so you will mostly want to keep them swung back..Much like Sky Dive he can mount his weapon on the top of the plane or under the wings