Test Out Games Workshop Contrast Paints

Contrast Paints where all the rage recently so I decided to test them out with things I might be painting up.

I got myself a few colours that where in stock and ones I thought might be useful. Also if you want to use them you really need a suitable base colour to apply them over so I got the base “Wraithbone” and “Grey Seer” base colours. First I tried applying them to various models to see if the base coats where suitable for how I wanted to paint the miniatures I had ready.

I mostly had gears ready for painting but also some Death Guard I though I would try it out on. Different colours seem to need to be applied differently to get results you want. I did not care for the greys, they don’t really work for the southern colour schemes. The black, red, green and brown where interesting and warrant further trials.

Next up I tried the red on some Dark Imperium Primaris I had not finished. Been called Flesh Tearers Red I though I would give them a go. These had multiple coats of both the red and the black when used on the armour. One coat on the weapons work well and give a good effect. I do not care for using contrast paints and parts that are suppose to be metallic, so the usually paint and wash is my preferred method.

I got myself a few more colours and looked further into schemes for the chaos space marines I had on my desk. The Akhelain Green seems to work well for thousand sons and the “Volupus Pink” and “Skeleton Horde” helped finish up the Plague Marine.

I went back to the gears, I tried the grey agian but was still not happy with them. I progressed the “Aggaros Dunes” Leopard which I think made a good brownish Northern Gear colour scheme.

All in all, I’d say they are worth a look but it does depend on what you are painting and how you want to paint it to decide how right they are for you.

Heavy Gear Blitz Black Talon Owl C3 and Southern Hydra

My First Attempt at some Black Talon Minitures for which I used 2 Owl C3 minitures

Miniatures that are black, blackish or mostly black can be a bit tricky. It is really easy to just make them too black, lose details and just make them very plane as you cannot shade them.

So in this case I painted the base colour as Mecha Color 69.022 Titan Dark Blue which I was quite please how it came out. I used a darker grey 69.039 Grey Z than I did on my North and South miniatures and 69.065 Dark Steel instead of the normal steel colour. Why red horns? Why not?

Next up another long term desk fixture was competed, a Southern Hydra

Painted up the same way as the rest of my southern forces. I was torn on if I should paint the hole “shoulder” guard red or just the top circle like I finally did

Heavy Gear Blitz Northern Stripped Down Hunters, Hunter with Standard, Wildcat and a Chibi

The last of the northern gears for a while, next up I have Peace River and some Black Talons in the works

First the Xmas2014 Chibi. I never really though all that much of the idea, but having put it together and painting it, I am quite fond of it. And it was free after all. I think I would like to obtain the others at some point.

2 Stripped Down hunters, the weapon on the one on the left is probably not rules legal any more.

The Gencon 2014 Headhunter

Northern Wildcat. This was originally going to be an arena gear but I decided to repose it to my northern force. The other wildcat is in my Nucoal force.

And finally a Aller Main Battle tank

Heavy Gear Blitz Northern CNCS Painting Guide

There are 3 main colour scheme Northern Gears are shown in (plus many other less used ones). As far as I know there is no official meaning to what each one is for. Today I’m going to show how I did my “Yellowish” scheme which I will arbitrarily call the Northern Guard Standard scheme.

The more brownish scheme will be for the Western Frontier Protectorate (WFP) and if I ever do any “white sand” gears they can be someone else.

  1. I started with a grey undercoat. As usual for me this was Games Workshop Mechanicus Standard Grey spray.

2. The base coat colour. I used Vallejo Mecha Color Yellow Ochre (69.032). It took several coats by brush so if you have an air brush I would recommend using that

3. Paint the other armour parts with Vallejo Mecha Color Grey (69.037) and in the pictures is combined with the next step (because I forgot to take pictures) which is to go over the yellow ochre with Mecha Color Desert Dust Wash (69.522)

4. Paint the V-Engine and weapons (hand-held and rocket packs) with Mecha Color Gunmetal (69.058)

5. Paint the parts you want metal coloured but not as dark with mech color Steel (69.063) I did the barrels, the knees, treads, front of the head, grenades, any thing that looked like a metal plate and finally the raised or recessed bits on the shoulders.

6. Paint the head lens/sensor with a white paint first (any will do). Once it is dry paint over the white with GW Guilliman Blue Glaze. Paint the ports on the rocket pods with Mech Color SZ. Red (69.009). Finally Nuln Oil Shade on the light metal parts.

7. Lastly Paint the Base with GW Steel Legion Drab. Then add a texture to the base. In this case I used GW Armageddon Dunes.

Heavy Gear Blitz my Previously Completed Miniatures

I started collecting Heavy Gear Blitz miniatures around 2012, it was around that time that Wayland Games stocked a good amount of the miniatures which made it a good time to start collecting. They have since stopped stocking them so guess this was not the case for everyone (Shiny Games stock them now in the UK). I also got a few bits direct from the DP9 Website

My First Miniature purchase was a Northern Fire Support (2 Grizzlys, 2 Hunter and 1 Jaguar) squad, unfortunately one of the Hunter got build with the Jaguar arms but anyway.

Next off the large gear striders looked nice and large models so I went with a Peace River Cataphract, I also have a PRDF Fire Support squad that I did not finish painting and is one of the next things for me to paint up

And lastly the Nucoal Book came out along with quite a few miniatures, again a gear strider (Hussar) part of a Fire Support squad, an arena Wildcat and a complete Mountaineering squad (5 Lancers)

As with many miniature gamers/collectors I bought far more models than I actually finished painting or in some cases even got out of the box. Wayland Games had a massive clearance on there remaining heavy gear stock and I snapped up quite a bit. However I later sold almost all of the ones still in boxes about 3 years later. This still left me with quite a few unfinished miniatures which I have started to complete.

Next up where the Kick-starter plastics. However I only actually finished the 4 Jaguars at the time with the Kodiak and the Hunters been picked up much later at the end of 2018 (for reference the easiest way to tell when I completed a miniature is by the base colour and finish).

The Northern forces are getting the work done on them currently with 13 miniatures on the go at the moment with my more yellow colour scheme. But I also have trails for PRDF, CEF and a Southern Hydra almost done.

Heavy Gear Blitz Northern Recon Gears

Some of the smaller Northern Gears. We have 2 plastic Ferrets, 2 Cheetahs (1 is a Wild Cat), and two Metal Bobcats.

The Plastic one have been given round bases.

Two Ferrets with one in ground mode with a 32mm base

Plastic Cheetahs the one on the right is assembled as a Wild Cat

Heavy Gear Blitz Scimitar Gear Strider

Another Long time occupant of my desk finished and another northern army paint scheme. This time back to more yellow than brown

Paint Scheme:

Vallejo Mecha Color Yellow Ochre 69.032
Vallejo Mecha Color Desert Dust Wash 69.522
Vallejo Mecha Color Gunmetal 69.058
Vallejo Mecha Color Steel 69.063
Vallejo Mecha Color Dark Steel 69.065
Vallejo Mecha Color Electric Blue 69.020
Games Workshop Nuln Oil
Games Workshop Steel Legion Drab
Games Workshop Armageddon Dunes
A Red for the gun scope

Heavy Gear Blitz Southern Army

I painted most of my Kick-starter Southern gears

The King Cobra is a nice miniature

4 Black Mambas, the way the feet are modelled is a bit fuzzy on the back wheel details.

And the previously seen Jagers and Iguana

Heavy Gear Blitz Southern Army Painting

First off I will state I’m not that good of a miniature painter but my results have been getting better. But it is also fair to state there are not many guides on how to paint Heavy Gear miniatures, this is especially true for “standard” colour schemes these armies are shown in. So lets give the southern forces a shot.

  1. First thing to do is undercoat. I used Games Workshop Mechanicus Standard Grey Spray

2. Next I painted the main armour bits Vallejo Mecha Color Medium Grey (69.038)

3. I painted the other armour parts with Vallejo Mecha Color Grey (69.037)

4. Next Vallejo Mecha Color Gunmetal to the V-engine and Weapons (69.058)

5. Next the gun barrels and the tracks and wheel with Vallejo Mecha Color Steel (69.063)

6. Added Games Workshop Nuln Oil Wash (this went a bit wrong as 1 coat did not match my trial miniature but 2 coats where too much) and then cleaned up with Medium Grey

7. Next we add the reds, Games Workshop Mephiston Red for the rockets and Mecha Color Red (69.008) on some of the small plates on the Jagers and the whole shoulder on one (also used on the knee armour on the larger models)

8. To finish off I used GW Bloodletter Glaze on the eye, Steel Legion Drab on the base and Armageddin Dunes for the base texture.

Heavy Gear Blitz Caprice Army Completed (From the Kick-Starter)

The black plastic kick starter miniatures arrived around September/October of 2016

My Caprice models where all put together by the 1st of April 2017 a few months after I had done some from the other factions. I did a paint scheme test with Reaper Ruby Red as the base on one of the accos and it looked fine on the smaller model but when applied to the larger mounts was a bit too dark.

So a long time went by and lost interest in HG for a bit and I got back into the various Warhammer products. Work did not resume until December 2018. But once it did I got them done quickly as the paint scheme is quite simple.

And the Mounts with the larger feet (Kadesh, Meggido, Ammon)

Paint List:

GW Mephiston Red
GW Abaddon Black
GW Leadbelcher
GW Averland Sunset (missile Covers on the Aphek)
GW Nuln Oil (wash)
Reaper 09124 Adamantium Black
Reaper 09104 Sparkling Blue
Reaper 09103 Emerald Green
Vallejo Mecha Color 69.020 Electric Blue

Next time I paint Caprice I would use the yellow (or an orange) for the Missile pod covers. I would also add some black to the bodies of the larger mounts (I did try the front of the Ammon been black but I did not like it)