New ITX Build with AMD Ryzen 5 3600 PC

My Intel i5 3350p ITX system had been going strong for about 7 years by this point. The system had 2 replacement graphics cards due to failures and some storage upgrades but otherwise it was the same system and performance was still good (which is a statement on CPU stagnation under Intel’s core i dominance). However it was starting to have its problems, USB ports where failing, black screen where becoming common and the storage could do with another upgrade as well the case was looking a bit tired. While I could had tried upgrading and reseating and repasting the current CPU cooler the new 3000 series AMD Ryzen CPUs had caught my eye. So I let the planning begin.

I stuck with and ITX form factor and initially started with an upgrade Silverstone SUGO SG05 White case (more on that later)

All these parts turn up together, the SG05 case, ATX to SFX PSU adaptor, Corair SF600 PSU Gigabyte Aorus X570 ITX motherboard, Noctua NH-L12S Cooler, Noctua 12cm Fan, 16GB*2 Corsair DDR4-3200 and a Sabrent Rocket 1TB gen4 SSD. And yes the CPU is missing, that did not turn up for a few extra days.

For the CPU we have AMD Ryzen 5 3600 which I though represented the best value option. I would reuse my 1660 super GPU for now as I was forced to buy a replacement for my old graphics card as the fans broke and I was having trouble fixing it (the first set of replacement fans broke in exactly the same way as the originals within weeks)

And so concluded version 1.0 of the new build. Unfortunately I was not completely happy with it. The power management caused the fans to ramp in and annoying manner compared to my pervious build and the temperatures where not as good getting a bit too high under stress test conditions. The default boosting and core voltage where also all over the place and hence the fans. So I decided I dont really need such a small case and to swap it out for something bigger. I look at two options the Lian Li TU150 (ITX but can take a full sized Noctua cooler) and the Corsair 280x (mATX but smaller CPU cooler but with AIO support)

ARGB and mATX it was for me. I got a good price on the case and while not small it is not massive either. I took a opportunity to install a spare 3.5″ 3TB Hard Drive for extra storage and order an Arctic 360. Sadly that never turned up and got refunded. Instead I ended up with a larger Noctua air cooler (NH-C14S)

As you can see a much larger CPU cooler. The one downside of the Corsair 280x is that it did not support the largest Tower coolers. I will look at an AIO again with the next CPU upgrade, I manually set the CPU clock speeds to the boost speed and set an appropriate vcore to keep it stable (which was much lower than it was automatically setting). Final upgrades where a new curved high refresh rate monitor the Aorus CV27F and an Aorus K1 keyboard.

We shall see how long this build will last. The Q6600 system lasted 3 years and the i5-3350 lasted 7 and has found a new home. So this new build has a lot to live upto.

Having had the Corsair case for a while I don’t not recommend it if you are placing it under your desk. It is far too hard to clean the front filter (you have to pull the front panel off and its on push pins). However its looks and stays looking great if you keep it on top of your desk.

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