My Nighthaunt have arrived

September has come around again and as per an almost yearly tradition so does a purchase of a new Games Workshop army for myself. This year its the Nighthaunt that have taken my fancy. I was quite happy with how my banshee’s and Glaivewraith’s came out so it was now time to add some more.

The best and most cost effective starting point seemed to me to be the items from the Age of Sigmar starter sets. Apart from the chainrasp the sets are not currently available separately (unless you go on ebay) so in order to get everything I went with the larger “Soul Wars” set and sold off the Stormcast and 1 set of Chainrasps (which I am now thinking maybe I should have kept them but oh well). Been almost completely mono-pose miniatures I really only been one lot. The only one that has an option is one chainrasp that can either be in stocks or holding candles.

The second sprue contained Grimghast Reaper’s and Glaivewraith Stalker’s. The Stalker’s are different from the easy build ones so that is good. We also get a Lord Executioner which is quite a nice model but due to how it is build it can feel a bit “wobbly” when picked up. Both these spures are part of the smaller “Tempest of Soul” set but are cast in green instead.

Lastly from the starter set are these 3, a Knight of Shrouds, a guardian of souls and a Spirit Torment. Interesting models and I did not want to miss out on these.

I also picked up a Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief. Its a nice looking model and I’m not sure how to paint it yet. I would say it is one of the worst Games Workshop models I have put together, its just difficult to get everything to go together well. The spirit on the left is a complete pain to attach with all the flowing tendrils and has since fallen off for me.

I also picked up a few Grey Knight bits, a Hive Tyrant and got a copy of the Nightvault before it can discontinued for the Briar Queen but they have not been put together yet.

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