My Latest Age of Sigmar Figures and Some Iron Warriors

Old and some new paints to some of my long time desk residents, its always nice to try a few different scheme while working on a lot of one particular type.

I went with mostly contrast paints for the above two nighthaunt miniatures, the Aethermatic Blue has really helped me do quick and easy ghostly effects. Still trying to get hold of an Apothecary white to give it a try on the banshee but the white I used is fine for now.

Next up is an Iron Jawz orc from the Shadespire set. I tried the contrast yellow but was not keen on it as a finish. Really helped me paint the other yellow over the top though. The Ork Flesh is a bit dark really (it looks lighter in the picture) but it is fine and gives a good effect. With added Blood for the Blood God

And finally finished the remaining 5 30k Iron Warriors I had left to do. I tried the new Iron Warriors base paint on them. It is every so slightly different but especially once washes are applied you can hardly tell the difference between it and the lead bleacher

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