Iron Factory Transformers Legends

Iron Factory are the stylised and mostly IDW inspired legends collection. They are slightly smaller than the Magic Square G1 inspired legends.

There have a nice selection of Decepticon (Autobots also available and we can look at them next time), including Megatron, Tarn and many jets and seekers. Not pictured they also have an Overlord and Sixshot which are now quite difficult to obtain at reasonable prices.

They also currently have one combiner design which in my view provides a good combined size as well as suitably sized individual bots. Combiner combined size is contentious in any scale usually having at least one compromise of combined size, individual bot size or parts forming.

Here we have the IF figures with the Maketoys Giant which I prefer size-wise in combined mode and has a compatible aesthetic. The individually the bots are not right though.

While you can generally purchase most of there products for a month or two after release if you miss out they can be quite difficult to pick up later on; there are also more limited product runs in more niche decos. The current favourite for this is the seeker mold.

They are all fully transformable the result of which can vary due to cybertronian design and stylisations which can some times feel a bit lazy (which can sometimes be down to source material) but other work out really well.

Overall they are not as articulated as the magic square legends however they are still lots of fun. The inspiration of the design can be something you either love or hate but one thing is for sure it makes for an interesting collection of diverse characters that provide a solid alternative to another G1 cartoon collection.

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