Flame Toys Transformers Tarn

My first step into a larger world. A non-transforming transformers premium action figure, do all roads in fact ultimately lead to 1/4 Statue as my prefered transformer reviewer Bobby Skull Face would say? Well it maybe heading that way, but as we are still on the step before lets wait and see.

The finish is amazing and I’m not usually into the lights (or electronics in general) in my figures but in this case I do feel it adds to the figure and no hunting for batteries as they come pre-installed. As it is a licensed products it is also complete with faction symbols

Other gimmicks and options include a removable face mask and options for configuring the fusion cannon

Poseability is good especially with the ab-crunch and how it collapses into itself. It also comes with a stand. The weakest part of the figure is the hand which are tight on the pins but pop out a lot when you are trying to manipulate them.

At around £320 it is a pricey figure add to the fact it does not transform make this type of figure a non-starter for some people. However if you look at the price of the upcoming takara MP’s in particular Optimus Prime the prime is not quite as bad as it might at first seem for a high end transformer products. For me the only problem is where and how to display it.

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