Iron Factory Legends EX-31 and EX-36 (IDW Tarn and Megatron

Today we have a quick look at the “other” 3rd Party legends scale figures; here we have Iron Factory EX-31 Dubhe and EX-36 Tyrant. These are of course small scale representation of IDW Megatron and Tarn.

These two Decepticon big shots both transform into tank like alt modes. EX-36 comes with alternative parts with no less than 3 different fusion cannons, 3 heads and alternative backpack, hip guards, shoulders and leg parts allowing you to make different version of megatron which have been show throughout the IDW comic run. Tarn’s colours are striking and he has a removable mask. The swappable hands on both figures also work well at this size of figure.

All in all two great figures and a great addition to any legends collection.

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