Heavy Gear Blitz Northern Stripped Down Hunters, Hunter with Standard, Wildcat and a Chibi

The last of the northern gears for a while, next up I have Peace River and some Black Talons in the works

First the Xmas2014 Chibi. I never really though all that much of the idea, but having put it together and painting it, I am quite fond of it. And it was free after all. I think I would like to obtain the others at some point.

2 Stripped Down hunters, the weapon on the one on the left is probably not rules legal any more.

The Gencon 2014 Headhunter

Northern Wildcat. This was originally going to be an arena gear but I decided to repose it to my northern force. The other wildcat is in my Nucoal force.

And finally a Aller Main Battle tank

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