Heavy Gear Blitz Black Talon Owl C3 and Southern Hydra

My First Attempt at some Black Talon Minitures for which I used 2 Owl C3 minitures

Miniatures that are black, blackish or mostly black can be a bit tricky. It is really easy to just make them too black, lose details and just make them very plane as you cannot shade them.

So in this case I painted the base colour as Mecha Color 69.022 Titan Dark Blue which I was quite please how it came out. I used a darker grey 69.039 Grey Z than I did on my North and South miniatures and 69.065 Dark Steel instead of the normal steel colour. Why red horns? Why not?

Next up another long term desk fixture was competed, a Southern Hydra

Painted up the same way as the rest of my southern forces. I was torn on if I should paint the hole “shoulder” guard red or just the top circle like I finally did

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