Heavy Gear Blitz Northern CNCS Painting Guide

There are 3 main colour scheme Northern Gears are shown in (plus many other less used ones). As far as I know there is no official meaning to what each one is for. Today I’m going to show how I did my “Yellowish” scheme which I will arbitrarily call the Northern Guard Standard scheme.

The more brownish scheme will be for the Western Frontier Protectorate (WFP) and if I ever do any “white sand” gears they can be someone else.

  1. I started with a grey undercoat. As usual for me this was Games Workshop Mechanicus Standard Grey spray.

2. The base coat colour. I used Vallejo Mecha Color Yellow Ochre (69.032). It took several coats by brush so if you have an air brush I would recommend using that

3. Paint the other armour parts with Vallejo Mecha Color Grey (69.037) and in the pictures is combined with the next step (because I forgot to take pictures) which is to go over the yellow ochre with Mecha Color Desert Dust Wash (69.522)

4. Paint the V-Engine and weapons (hand-held and rocket packs) with Mecha Color Gunmetal (69.058)

5. Paint the parts you want metal coloured but not as dark with mech color Steel (69.063) I did the barrels, the knees, treads, front of the head, grenades, any thing that looked like a metal plate and finally the raised or recessed bits on the shoulders.

6. Paint the head lens/sensor with a white paint first (any will do). Once it is dry paint over the white with GW Guilliman Blue Glaze. Paint the ports on the rocket pods with Mech Color SZ. Red (69.009). Finally Nuln Oil Shade on the light metal parts.

7. Lastly Paint the Base with GW Steel Legion Drab. Then add a texture to the base. In this case I used GW Armageddon Dunes.

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