Heavy Gear Blitz my Previously Completed Miniatures

I started collecting Heavy Gear Blitz miniatures around 2012, it was around that time that Wayland Games stocked a good amount of the miniatures which made it a good time to start collecting. They have since stopped stocking them so guess this was not the case for everyone (Shiny Games stock them now in the UK). I also got a few bits direct from the DP9 Website

My First Miniature purchase was a Northern Fire Support (2 Grizzlys, 2 Hunter and 1 Jaguar) squad, unfortunately one of the Hunter got build with the Jaguar arms but anyway.

Next off the large gear striders looked nice and large models so I went with a Peace River Cataphract, I also have a PRDF Fire Support squad that I did not finish painting and is one of the next things for me to paint up

And lastly the Nucoal Book came out along with quite a few miniatures, again a gear strider (Hussar) part of a Fire Support squad, an arena Wildcat and a complete Mountaineering squad (5 Lancers)

As with many miniature gamers/collectors I bought far more models than I actually finished painting or in some cases even got out of the box. Wayland Games had a massive clearance on there remaining heavy gear stock and I snapped up quite a bit. However I later sold almost all of the ones still in boxes about 3 years later. This still left me with quite a few unfinished miniatures which I have started to complete.

Next up where the Kick-starter plastics. However I only actually finished the 4 Jaguars at the time with the Kodiak and the Hunters been picked up much later at the end of 2018 (for reference the easiest way to tell when I completed a miniature is by the base colour and finish).

The Northern forces are getting the work done on them currently with 13 miniatures on the go at the moment with my more yellow colour scheme. But I also have trails for PRDF, CEF and a Southern Hydra almost done.

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