The Rise Transformers Legends Scale

With the slow down in new figures in the Transformers Masterpiece and 3rd party equivalent scale we have seen the rise of the legends scale. The name comes from Hasbro which make a legends sized figure class. It is a size and not a scale so you get anything from mini-bots that fit in with deluxes to small seekers or Optimus Prime

As with anything transformers, 3rd party come along and do it better. Above are “Magic Square” (and Newage bumblebee) figures that are in the spirit of G1, fully transformable and most even have ab-crunches which can be rare even in full size figures.

Alternatively if you prefer a different aesthetic we have IDW inspired figures from a company called Iron Factory. They are even so slightly smaller and not as articulated. There are also entries in this scale from Newage, Toy World, Unique Toys and DX9. This is undoubtedly the growth area of 3rd party at this moment in time.

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