The problem with Heavy Gear Blitz (Part 2) HG23

In part I I when over what I think are the problems with Heavy Gear at the moment. Now I will write about how I think they can be dealt with.

Soft Reset / Mini-reboot / Time Jump

As new source books for Heavy Gear have been moving the story along. Currently we are at TN1950 in the middle of the 2nd CEF invasion. Evolving story’s are great but they also build up a pile of legacy stuff that comes with it. After a while its time for a reset of some type. Comic book for instance do this every few years.

For Heavy Gear I would propose going to back to a similar time. In particular TN1723 the ST- Vincent’s War. The main focus is North vs South, maybe 5 types of gear each, plus support vehicles and troops.

The natural progression would be move it on a few years to where Peace River introduce their gear line up, Nucoal at this point would be drawn from other factions gears as they become obsolete, CEF would come with the first invasion and see where it goes from there.

Bases and the Name

Scrap the Hex bases, for me they where a weak part of the plastics especially with the pointless slots in them. Go standard round bases 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm.

Drop the “Blitz” from the title. I would call the new one “Heavy Gear 23” or HG23. Also drop the weapon names abbreviations and reduce the total number of weapons.

The Games Workshop Model

Love or Hate games workshop, they do know how to get things done. So we have our main game HG23, when we have a side game or two that come with miniature releases that are compatible with the main game. I would have a Shadespire (MacAllen something or other?) like game with cards, counters and a board. Bring back a simpler HG Area and Badlands Rally.

A Release Schedule

In order to keep interest up we need a release schedule for new products, be it squads for the main or one of the side games.

Better Plastics

More and better plastic miniatures. Hopefully the new KS will be a step up from the first one. We need better posing and just in general a more advanced product again more GW like.

More Basic painting tutorials

I think Heavy Gear could do with some good basic painting tutorial video’s using common modelling paints and how to achieve the common faction colour schemes (no mixing or blending or anything like that)

Anyway these are just my thoughts on Heavy Gear

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  1. I agree with you on most points.
    Sadly enough the new Alpha rules currently featured on the forum (which are going to replace the old 2016 Living Rulebook) seem to take a dive back in time towards a more complex game and bring even more diversity in the lists as they’re bringing back the many different types of gears from the past.
    On the other hand, the new Battletech starter boxes and Clan Warfare KS show that there is room for more complex games.

    Hopefully people will start playing the game again once the rewards from last two KS’s roll out.
    Especially now that the planned RPG is dead they need all the support/publicity they can get.
    I fear for the worst though as the level of the paintjobs they’re currently showing off isn’t the standard from a few years back, not bad but not great either.

    There is a dedicated paintset from Reaper if I remember correctly, but some tutorials would indeed be nice.

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