How does the Size of Heavy Gear Blitz Models Compare to Other Miniatures

You maybe wondering how the Heavy Gear plastic miniatures compare to others. Heavy Gear Blitz miniatures are a different scale to many war games which use a similar size miniature. The scale of Heavy Gear Blitz is 1/144 so think N gauge (Note to further confuse gauge is not the same as scale) model train compatible. So lets have a look and compare with some Games Workshop miniatures

So from left to right:

HG plastic Cheetah,
GW plastic Cadian trooper
HG plastic Hunter
GW plastic 30k Space Marine
HG plastic Jaguar
GW plastic 30k Terminator
HG plastic Kodiak
GW Adeptus Titanicus Imperial Questoris Knight
GW Original Tau Battlesuit

So while a similar hight to a normal 30k space marine the HG jaguar and hunter are smaller frame with the parts been not as thick.

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