Heavy Gear Blitz Southern Army Painting

First off I will state I’m not that good of a miniature painter but my results have been getting better. But it is also fair to state there are not many guides on how to paint Heavy Gear miniatures, this is especially true for “standard” colour schemes these armies are shown in. So lets give the southern forces a shot.

  1. First thing to do is undercoat. I used Games Workshop Mechanicus Standard Grey Spray

2. Next I painted the main armour bits Vallejo Mecha Color Medium Grey (69.038)

3. I painted the other armour parts with Vallejo Mecha Color Grey (69.037)

4. Next Vallejo Mecha Color Gunmetal to the V-engine and Weapons (69.058)

5. Next the gun barrels and the tracks and wheel with Vallejo Mecha Color Steel (69.063)

6. Added Games Workshop Nuln Oil Wash (this went a bit wrong as 1 coat did not match my trial miniature but 2 coats where too much) and then cleaned up with Medium Grey

7. Next we add the reds, Games Workshop Mephiston Red for the rockets and Mecha Color Red (69.008) on some of the small plates on the Jagers and the whole shoulder on one (also used on the knee armour on the larger models)

8. To finish off I used GW Bloodletter Glaze on the eye, Steel Legion Drab on the base and Armageddin Dunes for the base texture.

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