Heavy Gear Blitz Caprice Army Completed (From the Kick-Starter)

The black plastic kick starter miniatures arrived around September/October of 2016

My Caprice models where all put together by the 1st of April 2017 a few months after I had done some from the other factions. I did a paint scheme test with Reaper Ruby Red as the base on one of the accos and it looked fine on the smaller model but when applied to the larger mounts was a bit too dark.

So a long time went by and lost interest in HG for a bit and I got back into the various Warhammer products. Work did not resume until December 2018. But once it did I got them done quickly as the paint scheme is quite simple.

And the Mounts with the larger feet (Kadesh, Meggido, Ammon)

Paint List:

GW Mephiston Red
GW Abaddon Black
GW Leadbelcher
GW Averland Sunset (missile Covers on the Aphek)
GW Nuln Oil (wash)
Reaper 09124 Adamantium Black
Reaper 09104 Sparkling Blue
Reaper 09103 Emerald Green
Vallejo Mecha Color 69.020 Electric Blue

Next time I paint Caprice I would use the yellow (or an orange) for the Missile pod covers. I would also add some black to the bodies of the larger mounts (I did try the front of the Ammon been black but I did not like it)

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  1. Really nicely done!

    My KS rewards have been gathering dust since my move to Australia.
    However, with the Utopia KS rewards in the process of being made ready to deliver, I ‘ve decided to try and see if I can get some people from the RPG/boardgame club I attend to interested into the game.
    Not sure yet if I will use the new Alpha rules or the older 2016 Quick start rules yet.

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