Warhammer 40k Thousand Sons Rubric Marine Squad

When I saw the new (2016) Thousand Sons Space marine releases and the guide on the Warhammer TV youtube page I decided I had to have a go.

So I did. And following the basic steps in the video this is how I got on.

1) Gratz I put them together. Aside from dropping and losing one of the sorcerers hip guards and have to cut a replacement off one of the spare cloths.
2) So then base coat in Retributor armour, I did not feel like paying £15 for the spray so painted it from the pot over a black undercoat
3) Next a Reikland Fleshshade wash, it really brings out the detail and looks really good.
4) Then add the Thousand Sons Blue
5) A wash of Nuln Oil
6) Then I did quite a few things and some are a bit messy at that. The yellow bands on the head (I could not mange the ones on the legs) and base for the cloth items

I then I focused on cleaning up these standard bolter gunned 6.
The end result was quite good by my usual standards and miles above the last time I painted Thousand Sons. Next maybe I will add some terminators.

However the terminators have not happened yet and I have literally dusted off an incomplete helldrake and started painting it to match. I also re-purposed some 30k marines into pre Heresy Thousand Sons.

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