Maketoys Blindfire MTCM-03A

Maketoys Blindfire MTCM-03A: Part of the Maketoys Quantron set. The set of a representation of the Autobot Technobots and this one is particular is Strafe. Sizewise the bot is slightly smaller than a hasbro deluxe. Maketoys has its own style to its combiner series (currently 3 different ones are available) which is not slavish g1 one and more fitting to a chug collection.  A very nice bot and alt mode. Maketoys also released a Limited Shattered Glass version of this mold


There are a few different configurations for storing the guns and blades.

The alt Mode is a nice looking fighter. The transparent guns can be connected above or below the swords.

Alternatively you can mount the guns in place of the swords for a more G1 Look.

and finally arm mode. These are not scramble city style combiners and as such Blindfire can only form an arm. The fist is a parts forming bit from Metalstorm. Sadly the single figure release has a problem with the leg pins. They have been assembled from the wrong side and you cannot connect the piston in arm mode.


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