Aerialbots Transformers: Combiner Wars Edition

So who had transformers toy when they where little. I did, and some of my favourite ones where that are now called the combiner teams. I had the original 1986 Aerialbot team in their Generation 1 glory.



You have to remember that in the UK at that time, toys, cartoons and TV shows could be years behind there US releases so not quite 30 years ago for me, but close 🙂

Now my nephew got hold of the ones I still had (don’t worry there where quite beaten up already, Silverbolt legs had already been snapped off by a cousin who will remain nameless) and they had had their day, but where enjoyed never the less. This lead to DVDs of the orginal G1, the movie, the live action movies (not quite sure what to say about them, too many annoying humans, so missed the point for me, but look awesome, when you can tell who is who or what’s happening, but story-wise… oh dear), the newer Prime TV series and computer games.

Of cause the only logical conclusion was to go full circle and back to the toys. And as luck would have it the latest wave of toys are the Generation “Combiner Wars” series which of cause are mostly combiners :).


Air Raid:

Air Raid!!!, what do you mean he is not out until wave 2. Next!



Fireflight!!! Oh your called Firefly now, ok. You also seemed to have bulked out a bit in plane form as well



And Slingshot:

Who is apparently  called Quickslinger now but is not on the team as he was replaced by some helicopter guy called Alpha Bravo, ok… at least he is orange


Transform into…

For an excellent source of information on all Transformers new/old, cartoon or otherwise see

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