Commissioning T5-A7

The successor to the Q6600 is the T5-A7 after several weeks of planing construction was completed on the 31/12/12

T5-A7 1

T5-A7 3


Silverstone SUGO SG05 with USB 3.0 (Front Fan Replaced with Noctua 12cm from the heatsink)
450W Short Silverstone PSU
Noctua NH-L12 Low Profile Heatsink (Using only the bottom 9cm Fan)
T5-A7 2
Intel i5 3350p (No Integrated Graphics [saves about 8watts])
Asus P8Z77-I DELUXE Intel Z77 (With Built in WiFi and Bluetooth)
16GB Crucial Ballistix Low Profile DDR3
AMD 7870 2GB Graphics Card
Corsair 120GB SDD
2.5″ 250GB HDD
Slim Blueray Drive

So the HDDs, well I had SDD I tried to fit to Q6600 but I never really used it and makes a good OS drive. Now the SUGO has a 3.5″ bay, however it was impossible to install a 3.5″ HDD with the full sized graphics card I had (and I tried for quite a bit). So I used a spare 2.5″ to 3.5″ converter tray I had and managed to fit a drive I had from a scraped laptop, not ideal but much better than a single 120GB drive and I can always revisit this at a later date

I wanted to go Linux with this one, I selected Mint 14 which is running well on my laptop but after 1 day of messing about trying to get dual monitors to work with the proprietary drivers and when once I got Rage working with Wine it had massive graphics corruption I gave up after I could not sort it out. Steam for Linux is here, some proper native ports and it is more or less sorted, it is so close to been able to be my main OS but sending half a day trying to get any random game to work just does not cut it for me.

A real shame as I like the Cinnamon desktop (A Gnome Shell derivative? by the Mint Team) better than windows, best I can do for now is making sure I use cross platform programs that I will know how to use once the Linux Revolution truly comes.

So back to Windows Vista (as I sold the retail versions of Windows 7 I had not used a few months ago) and was not about to spend £80 for Windows 7 [Windows 8 been a none starter for a desktop] and well sorry Windows 7 lovers but it is basically vista with a different skin.

Currently all is working well.

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