The Poltanic, Coming to a Post Office Near you


Epilogue: Legend has it that GT was pushed from the POLTANIC by an unknown person
only to be saved by the die hard NFSP fanboys. They fled on the NFSP EC but
there never heard from again

Some say the ship sink under the weight of ego and of false hope and
expectations, others blame the throne belonging to the POL board of directors they had claimed.
Other claim it was sank by a ship belonging to that which pushed him overboard
in the first place.

Stranger still that if you enter TESCO late at night while no one is about, if
you listen closely you can hear cries that Tesco will be the doom of us all and
in particular the Post Office, these cries ramble on to epic proportion dragging
almost everyone and every thing into, cursing and blaming all but itself for its
fall; and then it is heard no more, other sources attribute this howling to the
new recently joined assistant manager but who knows…

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