Google Nexus 7 Tablet, Arrived but Faulty Screen

Well the Google nexus 7 tablet, nice review, seems a great price so I ordered one.

It arrived yesterday, all is great apart from a green line all the way down the length of the screen.

On Level with chat in the about picture

So far one email and one phone call, and nothing has been done, not impressed at all.

Seems there are other quality control issues with the device as well, from broken Mini USB ports to screen not stuck down properly not good Google, not good


Got the email that lets me order a replacement, they put another hold against your card while the replacement is sent and the original return, not ideal but get things moving.

2 Days and 2 phone calls of failed delivery attempts (or non-attempts as it was) and the replacement is finally here and working well. Still not had the labels to return the original one yet though.

Anyway tablet is now rooted so I can make the home screen rotate (some genius thought it was a good idea for the home screen to be fixed portrait).

Dead Trigger makes a nice zombie FPS for it, was surprised by the quality of gaming 🙂

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