True Blood History: All Good Things Must End

True Blood History: All Things Must End

Part I By Persephone with assistance of guildies

In the beginning:

In the beginning there was the Mage Lizar and the Paladin Synonym. They raid in the Guild Tre Kronor during 2008 due to a persuasive friend asking them to join. There they raid throughout most of Naxxramus and Ulduar.

Once Trail of the Crusader launched the guild moved to the server Grim Batol and merged with another guild. There they accomplished great things and Synonym complete the legendary Valanyr Mace.

However there then came a time when the guild became a bit too hardcore for them due to personal reasons and they decide to move back to the realm Kilrogg and founded their own guild based on there own premiss. Armed with their experience and knowledge they began the search for there first raiders.

Founding: The First Age of True Blood

As with any World of Warcraft Guild you require 9 members to sign your charter. With Lizar as Gulid Master and Synonym right behind they recruited themselves 8 other players and Founded their Guild

The Guild True Blood was Formed in August 2009 and began raiding as soon as there had enough player available

True Bloods Founding Members: Bichi, Spinster, Synonym, Rendax, Tarenta, Tarantea(Mchotalot), Lizar, Matusi, Belit, Destination, Øbkjmk(affinite), Mcdoodl, Raginmund, Palaremzi and Amaret

Several of whom still raid and lead the guild forward to day.

True Bloods original recruitment was based around a 10 man guild with fun raiding, of which the guild had many. True Bloods very first raid was on Naxxramus, under the leadership of Lizar and Synonym, later they raided all current content as that time up to Trail of the Crusader. They also formed True Blood Jr for alts in order to keep the main guild clear.

Blood Council Kill

Upon release of Ice Crown Citadel, the guild began raiding there we the usual “Addition instance cannot be launched, pleaes try agian later ”. However once they finally got going they archived a respectable 6/12 by the time the first era of the guild came to a close.

Blood Council Kill

Due to the way the loot differed and the extra challenges of 25 man raiding the guild took the decision to try and make it happen, to do that it would require more members which leads us onto the next part.

Onward to ICC: Furthering the Cause

During the early days of Ice Crown Citadel True Blood where approached by Jenova a Shaman from the guild Scion (formally Day of Judgement) and proposed the two guild joined together to form a greater 25 man raiding guild. The two groups of officers came to an agreement and after a trail raid in 25 man Trail of the Crusader together formed there elite raiding group.

From the Fires Cometh Promethium: Laying Waste to ICC

And so Promethium was born. While the name not universally adored was chosen (and possible even approved in some convoluted manner). The new guild took on most of the best players of both guilds and launch with a brilliant new website by Spinster. The Guild had high expectations and appointed a new raid leader Gili the protection paladin tank.

The guild raids proved promising and achieved far more than either guild had managed by themselves and several new bosses fell quickly.

Blood Council Kill
Blood Council Kill

However problems between the leaders of two previous two guild which where exasperated by the absent guild master of Scion Bossly (whom had set themselves up as the Actual if not the effect Guild master of Promethium) which after a week or two of accusations and plots (unknown to many members) finally came to a head one faithful Wednesday where the present and effective leaders of Promethium tried to hammer out their problems with the full knowledge of the guild members. While initially appearing successful the raid continued with the usual good progress the guild had become accustomed to, things as they where, where not to last…

Coup de ta: a Chief with no Indians:

For reasons known only to themselves, Bossly and (his only supporter, officer or member) Humanpower decided in a rather stupid, desperate and cowardly manner to seize control of Promethium. Unfortunately for them they had already tip there hand by pre-pillaging the Guild bank and his allow loyal members to take some preventative actions, however none where full prepared for the events that actually took place.

As with any true cowards they waited until most of the members where offline and made there move. Without further warning or word they began to kick all the True Blood officer, loyal True Blood members and those who would speak out against them (Thought not Persephoné or Sammulka). Despite plea’s from two key members who had been apart of Scion, what such actions where wrong, betrayed the agreement made only hours before and that they could not work with people who would do such things, they continued and refused to back down. The final demand was made for them to hand over control of the guild to Persphoné and allow him to salvage the situation before they laid the guild low was refused.

Those True Blood Members that where online at the time did not sit idol and Lizar along with Spinster, Synonym and the guild kicked Jenova and began the reactivation of the then unused True Blood Guild.

As such the Scion members Persephoné, Sammulka and Jenova felt where left with no option other than to let the other guild members of Promethium know of what actually had happened and confident that no reasonable person could stay in such a guild made there plans to join True Blood and take anyone that would come with them.

By the Time the two groups had finished by the next day 90% of the members had left Promethium for True Blood and continued the raid they had started with no interruptions. Promethium on the other hand was left with nothing, with no active members, reputation destroyed and thus no hope of rebuilding the guild was left in ruins.

After again refusing to give the guild to True Blood (and thus allow them to use their shiny new website) the final pathetic act was to sell in the guild trade channel.

The pair then left the server is disgrace

The History of True Blood Continues with the Second Era

Part II By Persephone with assistance of guildies
True Blood Reborn: The Fall of the Lich King

With True Blood Now Reborn and having success in raiding but the 25man hitting a bit of a wall. The decision was made by the officers and members what with regards to the 10 man Ice Crown Citadel there would be two groups. A core of the best skilled and active 10-12 for maximum progress under raid leader Gili and a second 10 man group for the other members under Affinte with the understanding that once will Killed the Lich King we would try and get others in to sure in the glory and the Title (the Kingslayer which at the time still meant quite a bit).

After the first two Weeks the progress group came face to face with the Lich King. Many wipes ensued as the tactics where learnt and perfected, movement, cooldown usage, stuns, slows and reactions all put to the test and final after a week of relentless tries the Lich King finally fell on the last try of the evening of 28/03/10 while the 5% buff was active.

Blood Council Kill

Unfortunately the victory was not as sweet as it could have due to the login server crashing after we got him to 10% and half the raid getting disconnected and unable to log back in, thus missing the achievement and needed to be credited it by a Games Master the following day.

1st Kill Credits go to Gili, Sammulka, Persephoné, Taurei, Naru, Sengekos, Soranis, Jenova, Synonym, Mchotalot

Also special thanks to Lizar and Gibbis the Hunter and who helped us with a lot of the tries, but did not get the chance to finish off the Lich King until we killed him again the following week.

After this it was a while before the Lich King Fell again as the guilds focus shifted more towards 25 man raiding and the desire to Down the Lich King in 25man mode.


Rein of Persephoné Mid Expansion Pack Decline:

After a several weeks of raiding the GM Lizar decide she would like to take a bit of a break from our heavy raiding schedule, due to a desire to spend more time with her young family as the recent guild events had taken too much of her personal timeaway from them. Thus it came to pass that Persephoné was promoted to the task of Guild Master, the guild tarbard was chanced and early results where promising. The 25 man time managed to down for the first time both Professor Putricide and the Blood Queen in a single week. The only task remaining before the Lich King was Sindragosa which unfortunately took us quite a bit longer that we would like.

Blood Council KillBlood Council Kill Blood Council Kill

On the 10 man front thing there not so good. Tension mounted between the two different group over players, the groups respective goals and the promise made over the original 10 man groups, with one raid leader want to progress on 10 man heroics at all cost with the other new raid leader wanting to progress on Lich King normal for the other guild members. Rather than let these problems persist, the law was laid down and the second group was allowed the people and time to focus on taking on the Lich King

While the guild had lost a few really good players in the time between the 10 man kill and our 25 man progress we still had an excellent core of players ready to raid. However as with previous expansions people interest in content does fade over time, and so at the time when we had almost completed our 25 man goals did the number of player begin to drop and as a result so did our performance on raid nights. The guild finally managed to down Sindragosa, however upon confronting the Lich King found over half the raid members unfamiliar with the fight and thus achieved only limited progress.

Blood Council Kill

However on the 10 man side things progressed much better. After putting in the ground work over a number of hours Persephoné called on the assistance of Synonym and then together scored the first Lich King kill for the second raid team. This feat was repeated other the next few weeks and allowed many of the non core raiding to obtain there titles and valuable experience on the Lich King fight. Thus again the drive for 25 man began.

In an effort to combat the decline in the number of raiders we appointed a recruitment officer Arianr and began a heavy recruitment drive. Result of these new members varied, however once again the guild managed to come face to face with the Lich King in 25 man. Sadly it was not to be, hours where spent and tries hard though but in the end due to shortcoming on the part of the new recruits and the loss of former key members it was just not possible. A further exodus of Class Leaders and purging of a number of none committed members sealed the fate of our 25 man attempts and further attempts where abandoned.

The Saddest part of the tales is if the original people had stuck it out we would have taken the Lich King and even advanced into several 25 man heroic modes, however this was not meant to be and as a result of falling numbers and the new members that for the most part could not match the skill and dedication of the old players, action was needed. Fortunately information about the raiding in the next expansion Cataclysm had become available, namely loot would be equal in 10 and 25 man and that there would only be one raid lockout per instance per week and this made the next step much easier.

10 Man Resurgence and Preparing for the Cataclysm: Ticking the Boxes and the return of the Queen

The loss of many key members and supposedly trusted officered in such a short time took its toll on the Guild Master Persephoné, however it was no time to quit, with the new expansion expected before the end of the year thoughts turn to securing the guild current status and planing for Cataclysm. To that end a plan was devised that would carry True Blood forward into the future.

During this time the former GM Lizar also returned to full active status and once again took up the mantle of GM. The focus of True Blood once again returned to 10 man raiding, however this time there was only one team and that team aim was to conquer ICC 10 HC and all the achievements they possible could.

So it was planed and so it was done, while Marrowgar and the Blood Council proved annoying all lesser bosses fell without to much difficulty and achievements rained in, until only the Professor and Sindragosa HC remained. The Professor proved to be tricky at first however once the tactic for dealing with the disease on the Professor was master he also fell.

Sindragosa was yet to be the hardest of all, however an inspired choice of an unholy tanking spec (allow the increased magic damage debuff) from the off tank finally proved decisive and so the first of the guilds Glory to the Ice Crown Raider Drakes where gained. Several more followed in the subsequent weeks and while there remain a few members we would like to get it for, for the most part all that remains is to progress as far as we can on the Lich King HC.

Blood Council Kill

The guild has also been ticking off the other instances and achievements they would like before the end of Wraith of the Lich King. All Ulduar Hard Modes are done apart from 1 light in the Darkness (Currently have achieve 3 Lights), Algalon, A Tribute to Insanity and Ruby Sanctum (Done first week, but overall is a largely uninteresting instance for us) has been completed.

Blood Council Kill

While a few task still remain to be done in the mean time, we now await the coming of the Cataclysm with great expectations

Cataclysm: The War Without Ends

All new adventures await and the True Blood story has not yet ended…..

To be Continued….

Part III By Persephone with assistance of guildies
Cataclysm: Its Never easy

Someone once said that nothing easy was ever worth doing. One thing is for sure trying to run a World of Warcraft guild is not easy. With all our great deeds done and only 6 ours until the cataclysm launch a long standing (but needless and previously thought settled) dispute over the social rank in the guild, struck the officers. Seeing the value in guild experience and achievement gain, Persephone and Warent had allow a few in game friend to join the guild. Unfortunately Gili for his own reasons insisted we follow his vision on how such thing should be run and kick all the social players and not allow any but exceptional circumstances. Sadly this was not just a suggestion and was made under the explicate threat that he quit the guild unless we did as he said. Not been one to bow to such demands and the fact that after the last argument over socials it was decided once and for all the guild position on socials I refused his demand. Backing from other officers ensued, but despite this he refused to back down and his position as an officer became untenable (while easy going people, we refused to allow one person to dictate policy especially via threats). The end result was the loss of our main tank Gili 2 hours before Cataclysm and our glorious new age of achievement and progress. To say some of us where unimpressed was an understatement.

The First teir of Cataclysm was cleared with a few hard modes for good measure but as with all good things True Blood as a guild came to an end, some when on to join the guild raven for a time and clear the Firelands but with that came my time to call a day on Azeroth, I and hopefully those who play with us had their fun and maybe we will all see our virtual selves agian for new adventures be it in a galaxy far far away or though the mists of Pandaria


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